The included GOOGLE checks are listed below. For more information about each check, see the link provided.

Code Summary Details
GCP001 Unencrypted compute disk. GCP001
GCP002 Unencrypted storage bucket. GCP002
GCP003 An inbound firewall rule allows traffic from /0. GCP003
GCP004 An outbound firewall rule allows traffic to /0. GCP004
GCP005 Legacy ABAC permissions are enabled. GCP005
GCP006 Node metadata value disables metadata concealment. GCP006
GCP007 Legacy metadata endpoints enabled. GCP007
GCP008 Legacy client authentication methods utilized. GCP008
GCP009 Pod security policy enforcement not defined. GCP009
GCP010 Shielded GKE nodes not enabled. GCP010
GCP011 IAM granted directly to user. GCP011
GCP012 Checks for service account defined for GKE nodes GCP012